Well, the UK has had an unexpectedly cold start to winter, and whilst the tropics of Lancashire escaped the worst, there was more than enough ice and sub-zero temperatures to make training a real chore.  Mileage and frequency have certainly dropped for a couple of weeks.

Its not all doom and gloom though, as I’ve hit a couple of milestones.  My first 3 mile run in less than 30 mins, and my first 6 miles in less than 1 hour.  Yes I had to go to the flatlands of Cheshire to achieve it, and yes any moderately fit jogger will look scornfully at these ‘achievements’, but they are milestones nonetheless.

There is however a a blot on the horizon, an elephant in the room.  And it’s me.  The Fat Jogger has a millstone around hit neck, except its slipped and now sits mockingly around his waist, and its just not shifting.  A frankly disappointing 4 lbs lost.

My training log tells me I ran 13 times in November, covering 67 miles, and yet my weight is barely moving.  Middle age is no doubt a factor, but perhaps chocolate and curry are bigger factors.

I’m not sure I can face the discipline of WeightWatchers and the like, so I will just have to impose a more ascetic lifestyle.  But not just yet – it’s nearly Christmas after all.

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